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Creates a multi-record FASTA file containing reference sgRNA sequences. This module is a member of a suite of CRISPR modules designed to assist in the processing of FASTQ-formatted short read data generated in CRISPR screen experiments.  FASTQ files containing trimmed sgRNA read sequences will be aligned to the multi-record FASTA file using a fast short read aligner such as bowtie, and the aligned reads may then be quantified.

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Chet Birger;Broad Institute
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cbirger on January 07, 2015 16:22
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Posted by michael_lohmueller on June 07, 2016 06:01

Using your module there appeared an error named ' ImportError: No module named Bio.Seq'. We were wondering if Biopython should be imported before(Line 3: import Bio). Biopython should be installed on our server correctly.

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